The Noisy Miner bird is endemic to the Eastern Seaboard. We’d rather stay MINOR, but we sure are NOISY. Like the bird, these beers are noisy, aggressive and sometimes downright crazy, and happy to take on bigger rivals. Yet for all the creativity, they retain the same core values – drinkability, reliability, and honesty.

Noisy Minor beers are brewed as single batches. We release single batches to priority customers then first come first serve.


ANZUS features a very clean, almost light malt backbone. Galaxy from Australia, Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand and Simcoe from USA. A FULL GAMUT OF EARTHY, RESINY, PINEY AND FRUITY NOTES.

Alc/Vol 6%

  • 500ML
  • ON TAP


This is a big warming malty ale with a ton of Nelson Sauvin and Citra Hops, not too bitter, NOT AN IPA, JUST A BIG HOPPY RED ALE. We thought about putting Mon Calamari in the beer, but we’re not a big fan of novelty for novelty’s sake.

COMING SOON: Alc/Vol 8.2%

  • ON TAP


Those in the know knew he was coming, they just didn’t know when he would strike. Or how they would cope when he did. Bad Wolf is here. It’s an IPA. It’s got lots of hops. Simcoe and Chinook mostly. We’re not even gonna tell you the IBU – actual, theoretical, palate-detectable blah blah blah. You’ll know.

COMING SOON: Alc/Vol 8.8%

  • ON TAP
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